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Entry #11

Ya ummm......

2009-02-20 21:17:37 by jeski

I am working on a little Zelda Short! (Ya ummm, those tunnels from the Lost woods)

Ya ummm......


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2009-02-20 23:58:37

Damn, I still remember getting lost in the Lost Woods. I loved the music that was playing, but after around 30 min. it began to piss me off lol.

jeski responds:

Yup Ocarina Of Time kicked too much ass!


2009-02-21 11:29:55

looks kinda adam phillips :O


2009-12-29 18:39:33

Tommy and Marcy are awesome. That pic looks promising, Id be happy to voice for you.

jeski responds:

Thanks thats not the movie the voice needed for but I will be using the same style.